Les carnets web de l'écrivain Stanley Péan

Another Song about You *

Here is something I just wrote
I bet you couldn’t tell it’s new
For the song is about you
I don’t care, let the cynics gloat
If it sounds like the songs you knew
For this one’s still about you

It’s been so many years
Since you went away
Yet bittersweet memories of
Our long-gone love
Make me feel you’re still here

Although you haven’t kept in touch
Be sure I haven’t changed much
I still write songs about you
So if you ever hear this one on the air
And you find it a bit familiar
That’s because it’s about you

(*) Tirée du Cycle impérial
Paroles: Stanley Péan
Musique: Aline De Lima
Interprète: Aline de Lima
Sur un CD à paraître en 2010